Auto Way Bowl Youth

AWB has youth bowling opportunities year-round.
Programs include Pre-School, K-3, 4-8, and 9-12.

Youth Bowling

Auto Way Bowl Youth Bowling:

We are dedicated to providing a safe and fun place for the youth of all ages to come and enjoy bowling.

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We have great youth programs to choose from listed below:


  • Youth Bowling

  • No one "sits on the bench," everyone gets to play! Email our youth bowling coordinator at for info on youth bowling.

  • After School Bowling Club

  • Call 308-832-1935 for more information.

  • Youth Bowling Coaches

  • Ask about the benefits of assisting with the Youth Bowling Program.

  • Youth Bowling Program Sign Up

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344 US-6, Minden, NE 68959
+1 308-832-1935
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Auto Way Bowl is an 8 lane center that has been in operation since 1956. Nicely updated, with the past still present, we are one of the few bowling alleys with surface ball returns and we also still have wood lanes. Complete with a family-oriented staff, Auto Way Bowl delivers the best bowling experience around.